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Trust us, we’re from the government

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 28, 2007

destruction-full.jpgIf the government can do for health care what it’s done in California for firefighting — acknowledged by even the meanest libertarian / free-marketer as a core mission of any government — then be very afraid of the Hillary Clinton Administration. And eat a lot of apples.

More (updated):

“We are overwhelmed with bureaucratic regulations and the [fire] spotters are the best example of that,” said U.S. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Huntington Beach. “In a time of crisis, the rules did not serve our country well … the bureaucrats lost picture of what their mission is, to protect the citizens.”

We’re speaking here about what are essentially the best providers of government services there are, namely emergency and military personnel. Now imagine adding that level of bureaucratic fat, lack of accountability and lack of incentive to an already awful, unresponsive health care system, already hopelessly distorted as a result of years of government tinkering, regulation and “free money.” Or have you never been to a hospital — especially a public hospital?

True, the emergency in the California fires was acute, and massive, whereas when a single citizen needs immediate medical attention it’s only acute — and personal. On the other hand, there appear to be fewer than a dozen human casualties of the fires. Don’t expect body counts that low when Hillarycare comes to your town.

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One Response to “Trust us, we’re from the government”

  1. Speaking as a person surrounded by the various fires in Caifornia (Malibu North, Santiago Canyon East, San Diego South) and with family and friends “displaced” due to the fires and smoke, I think the reason that we handled it well over here (and Hillary should note) is because we as a populace didn’t sit around and wait for the Federal government to “save us”. The local governments did their job properly, and the people make informed decisions based on their own idea of personal responsibility. We know that it’s our job to take care of ourselves…we didn’t sit and wait for the government to lift it’s shirt so we could suckle at their teet of incompetence. Reliance on the government is ridiculous…(*insert alluded to Reagan quote here*).

    I can make my own choices about my healthcare, my family, my home…I don’t need to government to limit my freedom and choices while hiding behind “it’s for the children”…

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