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Too darned hot

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 19, 2007

It’s another August day in New York. Only it’s late October. Why do I have to sit down at my desk in a sweat on the very eve of Halloween?!

I really can’t stand it. If I have to lose my right-wing credentials to get something done about this, so be it! Sometimes weather, all added up, does equal climate, darn it! Like when it bugs me. Then it’s climate.

I’m calling it as I see it: This globe is cooking. I therefore make the following personal commitments to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses:

  • Selling the cow as soon as I get home!
  • All right, I’m selling both of them.
  • Well, actually, I’m going to eat them.
  • Anyway, also, no personal jets for me.
  • I will not increase the square footage of my house above the size of Al Gore’s gardener’s shed.
  • Notwithstanding their aesthetic unpleasantness, I will drop my opposition to windmills near my home, i.e., in the Passaic River.

Sorry if I’m inconveniencing you with my truthiness. But I gotta be me.


8 Responses to “Too darned hot”

  1. Yossie said


    I thought you might find this amusing.

  2. You’re right, Yossie, I did!

  3. Yossie said

    Yum, my foot sure is tasty.

    I’m afraid I didn’t even think to read your law blog.

  4. No need to be fearful. Just grow from it.

  5. Jackt said

    Personally I could live year round in a Summer like climate. The hell with snow.

  6. Jack said

    “No need to be fearful. Just grow from it.”

    Ron, if Yossie can grow another foot then how bout you two letting me in on it?
    I’ve been working on that for awhile and I still don’t know how it’s done.

  7. What would he do with three feet?

  8. Yossie said

    What would he do with three feet?

    I suppose I could dance – as long as two weren’t left feet.

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