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Goethe go round

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 18, 2007

Goethe and merry go round

Originally uploaded by Ron Coleman.
Surely I am not the first person to record the odd juxtaposition of Goethe and a merry go round in Bryant Park in New York.


3 Responses to “Goethe go round”

  1. Jack said

    I don’t know Ron.

    What Goethe around comes around.

    Yeah, I know that’s not good German, but it is good philosophy.

  2. Goethe, is probally trying to subliminally hypersensitize the park dwellers to the important philosophy of the hypsistarians.
    And just trying to make a few friendly suggestions to the Bryant Park Merry Go Round park dwellers in terms of getting high.
    Those lights in the carousel sky are just a spiritual illusion sometimes and may not always be blinking, especially when you dont pay the fees.
    The music could be quite distracting /annoying /repetitive or from another era entirely.
    But its not the carousel career you mount, its how hard you faithfully hold on to the G-d you deem “most high”.
    And as you hold on tight to the carousel character career you chose to mount, faith in the “most high” G-d is what the rigid circutuitious cycles of life are all about.Holidays included.
    Questions to ponder as you merry go round in Bryant park :
    How high is your G-d. Are you on a religious high cuz of him yet ? When will ice skating replace the patch of grass for tanning.How is November right around the corner.Who does the park’s garden decorating and design.

  3. […] it’s the holiday of turnabout, surprises, false identities, intrigue,  and not a little spiritual confusion.  It all comes around in the end, […]

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