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I report, you decide

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 14, 2007


12 Responses to “I report, you decide”

  1. Ara said

    Interesting development. Please keep us posted on it.

    P.S. You look like somebody’s dad!


  2. But I am! I am four peoples’ dad!

  3. Ara Rubyan said

    Me too. And, much to my chagrin and delight, I look the part.

  4. jaymaster said

    Congratulations! I’m glad to see your blogging efforts paying off a bit in the “real world”.

    And just so you know, based on some of your postings here in the past, I was expecting you to look much more blimp-like. Especially on TV. Have you recently lost weight, or were you possibly being overly hard on yourself in the past?

  5. It’s all in the wardrobe, Jay!

    I may have dropped a few pounds, though. Not as much as I should. But I do know how to dress!

  6. Score another one for the good guys.

  7. jaymaster said

    Hey, I hear the Fox News folks just started a business channel today.

    Maybe they could use an occasional IP law analyst. I watch all the business channels, and that would certainly be a differentiator.

    And in this age of emerging mega-economies in China, Russia, etc., where even real property law is a new concept, it would be very timely, and valuable too.

    Just sayin…

  8. Jonathan said

    Well done.

  9. Poker Paul said

    well done for getting on the TV. You looked realy confident and spoke very well. you could be a news presenter!

  10. Jack said

    “Just sayin…”

    And well said too.
    You should write up a basic media proposal, include your resume, expertise, list of contacts, and prior experience and present it as a marketing tool for an on-air analyst position Ron.

    The worst anyone could say is no (though you’ll probably more likely go in file for a later time)and you might clear a few extra bucks for the time killed.
    Jay might be onto something, if you exploit it properly.

    TV and commentating work ain’t so bad from time to time. I certainly wouldn’t wanna do it all of the time, and I sure wouldn’t want to make that my life’s goal, but it can clear a profit and it ain’t exactly hard work, or heavy lifting. It’s just TV and it ain’t like much genius is required for success, just look at everyone else on-air. So you’re one-step ahead already.

    Just grease the skids and see if she’ll pull weight.
    If so you got a cow you can milk.

  11. Jack, can I hire you to be my agent on this?

  12. Jack said

    Sorry, assuming you’re being serious and really interested in this kinda thing, I’m not much of an agent, though I have acted the part before.

    Not on this kinda thing, media agent, but on international private offerings and licensing projects (mainly as a contacts and business broker), and on manuscripts. But usually just for certain clients, friends, and people I know or owe (not saying we couldn’t easily be friends and all, just that I don’t really know you and so you shouldn’t trust me with something important). Besides, I just don’t like doing it most of the time.

    Anyways my advice is write up a media proposal stating what you can offer, be succinct, one page or so, include your resume and expertise, your contacts, your firm, something about your background work (famous or important or pertinent cases, etc.), card, anything that’s useful – do some agent research, people who handle this kinda thing, make a few phone calls and see who you need to present it to at FOX, or wherever, then work it and let your agent work it. Don’t just let your agent work it til you know if they’re any good. If they fish a lot of calls for ya, then let em run with the line, if not, keep working it yourself and find a real fisherman. By the way, don’t make yourself or your focus so narrow that you effectively microscope yourself out of a job. Be as broad about yourself as you can and still be honest.

    Don’t pay any up front fees if you get an agent, but you can probably fish this around yourself with no problem. And don’t overlook smaller venues and local venues and don’t overlook giving a few speeches and talks at colleges, and whatnot. Pretty soon, with some persistence, you’ll be on the talk circuit and maybe the lecture circuit, taking some green, and commentating as a paying gig. Not bad if you don’t mind the publicity that goes with it. You gotta market yourself though. Nobody will come looking for you til they know you exist.

    Let me warn you though, fame ain’t always so famous, or desirable.
    I try to keep my real mug out of things. Pseudo-identities work nice for me, but with this kinda work you’re gonna have to go public. Just don’t let your real life leak out into the streets.

    Point is, you can do a lot better than me as a media or talent rep.
    In New Yark though they’re about a dime a dozen.

    Just throw out a stick with some liver mush and castor oil on it.
    They’ll bite.

    Then if you wanna, bite back.
    Just beware of the mutts selling snake oil and turpentine.


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