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Jimmy Carter does nothing

Posted by Ron Coleman on October 3, 2007

Moral equivocationist Jimmy Carter and his celebrity friends get humiliated by Sudanese thugs — and the headline? “Jimmy Carter faces down Sudanese officials.”

Well, he did yell at one who tried to stop him in Sudan, when he wanted to go somewhere that “wasn’t on the program.” Then he “compromised”… agreed to talk to the guy they wouldn’t let him see some other time, some other place… who, of course, at that time and that place, never showed.

That’s “facing down”? More like face down. More like our tough old friend, Give ’em Heck Jimmy.

Maybe he should go yell at the Jews about “apartheid” again. They’ll usually flinch a little.


2 Responses to “Jimmy Carter does nothing”

  1. Mr Carter recently gave an interview on NPR where he endorsed the policy
    of “blood for oil” and claimed that the human rights situation in China is much
    improved because the Chinese people are now allowed to have bibles. I kid you not.

  2. […] been written without any sense of irony whatsoever. Carter is not only a vacuous and egocentric moral pygmy. He also has no national political influence or credibility. To the contrary, he is an ongoing […]

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