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Fake, inaccurate and not actionable

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 19, 2007

Josh Marshall:

Dan Rather files $70 million lawsuit against CBS, Viacom et al.

Good for him.

Heh. No, Josh, I assure you: Good for us! Very, very good for our side!

And even better that Josh Marshall is still drinking from that long-ago Kool-Aid supply. If this schleps into the election, why, it’s double-plus good!

Here’s the story (Marshall didn’t bother to link).

By the way — was he emboldened by Imus’s payoff from the same outfit? You betcha!


6 Responses to “Fake, inaccurate and not actionable”

  1. […] here — I don’t know if we needed politicians and media stars to show us how to lie (and profit from it) — but he’s pretty much right that something is going to have to give […]

  2. Ara Rubyan said

    Wait wait.

    This is … about a story on TV? This is the Republicans’ killer-big election campaign issue? I’m at a loss here fellas. This is like the Giuliani thing with the MoveOn ad, right? Where the ad is deemed more significant that the actions it decries?

    Am I missing something here?

    This is what you’re building your killer campaign around?

    P.S. Imus?? You’re joking right?

  3. Ara, you are a widdle bit overstating my position. All I’m saying is, great, let a liberal icon and symbol of the MSM remind everyone how crooked he is, how utterly Bush-deranged — just nice background music for, yes, the Serious Substantive Issues that will be the heart and soul of the Kampaign to Kome!

  4. jaymaster said

    Jeez. Dan is more deluded, (or gullible) than I ever imagined.

    I wonder if this affliction just hit him in his later years, or if it was congenital?

  5. Hold on a sec, I need to let my eyes refocus and find my drink again…I was blinded for a second by the brilliance of Ara’s comment.

    Personally, I’d love to see this on TV…because people like Ara, who probably made such a big deal about the Memo’s when they were “real”, have now turned into scoffers…that’s right…scoff scoff scoff. Let’s not pay attention to this embarrassing story about one of our intellectual icons who was either outwitted by a copy machine, or just a liar and political crybaby. Some people fade out, others go down in a delightful blaze of self ignited anti-glory.

    But…allow me to put on my Ara hat for the analysis, “Republicans are stupid. Democrats aren’t. Hyuck.” I’ll be here all night…

  6. RP said

    Regardless of the merits of Rather’s suit, I can’t see how this could possibly help the GOP in the 2008 elections. That’s wishful thinking, to say the least.

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