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Bulldozer’s progress redux

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 19, 2007

I wrote on Overlawyered about the outrageous, morally vacuous position taken in the suit by the family of suicide protestor Rachel Corrie by the “great mind” Erwin Chemerinsky, who was recently hired, un-hired, and then re-hired by UC-Irvine. The law professoriat was outraged across the spectrum, kind of, and seeing as how that represents 65% of the major blogs, there was nothing to talk about.

I had no pity for the man; he is a moral reprobate, in my book, and not fit to teach young mush-filled minds. I don’t care how high his LSAT’s were or how brilliant a legal mind his is in the abstract; he cannot see the moral forest for the trees. The suggestion that the right should come to his defense, as it largely did, to show how even-handed it is regarding academic freedom sounds great. But as usual conservatives and libertarians show up to a “bipartisan” free-speech party that oddly becomes quite pooped when the time comes to secure justice for victims of leftist witch-hunting.

Thus for all practical purposes the ban on (moderate liberal) Larry Summers stays intact, and it will indefinitely, notwithstanding tepid grunts of support from a few on the left. And this is largely besides the point, for Larry Summers will do just fine, thank you: The truth is that academia’s hostility to anything like a mainstream point of view — much left bona fide conservatism — is broad and endemic outside a few “law and economics” and evangelical faculties (I do not even include the Catholic universities any more) plus token (but important) appointments, and it is mostly sub rosa.

Yes, pressuring the gits at Irvine was the right thing to do, and we must do the right thing. (Don’t worry, I haven’t taught law school in seven years.) But not for Erwin Chemerinsky’s sake. Rather, despite it.

And, by the way, brilliant is as brilliant does. Yesterday even the Ninth Circuit was able to recognize the idiocy of Chemerinsky’s claims against Caterpillar.

UPDATE:   “Unbelievably“?


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