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Hot Air keeps gunning for Rudy

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 16, 2007

Rudy does something very righteveryone in the rightosphere high-fives him … that can mean only one thing:

Al the Pundit slams Rudy for being an effective political battler — again. It’s pretty clear that Allah is far beyond being a fair broker on Giuliani: He can’t stand him. But is it Anonymous Al, or is he carrying water for Michelle Malkin? If so, what’s the back story here? I haven’t the slightest idea, but it’s not funny.

(Hat tip to the permalinkless Hotline.)

By the way, this article in The New Yorker is the gold standard on Rudy Giuliani. And it is no puff piece. Yet he is my candidate. Because in terms of New York, not post-9/11, but post something truly more destructive — the Dinkins AdministrationI was there.


18 Responses to “Hot Air keeps gunning for Rudy”

  1. Profile of Giuliani

    This is probably the best profile of Rudy Giuliani I’ve ever read. And no, it’s not simply a puff piece.


  2. I don’t much care for fratricide when our opponents hold Congress and are considered shoo-ins for the presidency. Some people would rather be ideologically pure and out of power than compromise and have it. Sure Rudy isn’t perfect but he’s the only one who can win. Is Allahpundit stupid or does he truly believe that Fred/John/Mitt have a chance against Hillary? If she picks Obama as her running mate – as some suggest – we’re dead.

    Rudy is the way to go. He’s the only one that consistently pulls Indies and conservative Dems. As for his other stances, the Base should remember that they don’t matter when men like Pres. Ahmanutjob in Iran and Zawahiri are still breathing our air.

  3. wheelerscat said

    Maulkin bought Allahpundit two years ago… had him pithed an neutered.
    he hasnt got an idea in his head that she didnt put there.

  4. wheelerscat said

    btw the allahpundit i usta know….was irreverent and freaky-smart..and fond of late night haiku competition at Goldstein’s.
    this allahpundit is a pod person.
    tant pis

  5. wheelerscat said

    lol…it just came to me!
    Maulkin cud never run with the kool kidz of Known Blogspace… she bought one.

  6. Bob Miller said

    Rudy-as-warrior-President would have to come to grips with the glaring contradiction between uncontrolled immigration and national security.

    The fact that some case has been made for ignoring his immoral side tells us a lot about our society.

    I may yet have to hold my nose and vote for him anyway as the least bad alternative before me, but without illusions.

  7. zach. said


    since when has Rudy been for uncontrolled immigration?

  8. The fact that some case has been made for ignoring his immoral side tells us a lot about our society.

    Dunno about that, but it tells you about those of us on the Right who really don’t give a dang about who he sleeps with. I’d rather have womanizer in office who doesn’t believe that the “road to peace begins in Damascus” or that we somehow deserved the thumping we received on 9-11 like Ron Paul, Barack Obama, and Sure he isn’t the purest candidate out there, but so what: he’s a known quantity and we know what we are getting.

    Would you prefer the Dems in office, and a return to the Carter era? I can just imagine Gore being elevated to a cabinet level “Secretary of the Climate”, Murtha to Secretary of State, and Pelosi to Middle East Groveler or whatever the title is for the US Ambassador to the UN.

    It’s still early in the political season, so it’s okay in my book to beat up a bit on each other. However we shouldn’t provide ammo to the other side (as Greenspan did today with his book – proof along with the subprime mess that he was never the god that the business-minded Right believed), and we shouldn’t mortally wound any potential candidate for the top job.

    I don’t want to see the Right succumb to ideological purism the same way the Left has. While I like Michelle, and even the bits of Allah I’ve read, I’d rather they be sidelined in favor of moderate voices courting the Independents and conservative Democrats.

    We cannot hope to keep the presidency unless we take votes away from the other guys. Our base isn’t big enough to win the election alone.

  9. Bob Miller said

    Since when has Rudy been for practical control of immigration?

  10. Bob Miller said

    Scott Kirwin,

    I prefer Rudy to any Democrat now running, but do not excuse his personal failings either.

  11. Bob
    I’ve voted for in order: Mondale, Dukakis, Clinton, Clinton, Gore, Bush. In that list, do you think there is anyone I’ve completely liked? The pols that I like happen to be ones that usually don’t make it to the presidency – men like Zoell Miller, Dick Gephardt, and Jim Webb. I’ve usually had to hold my nose when I pulled the lever. In the case of Dukakis, it was REAL hard (I still don’t like Pappy Bush though).

    Of course, by making that list I give away the fact that I’m a conservative Democrat who gave up on his party and switched to the Dark Side on 9-11. Since the Dems have embraced their “inner-child” in the form of the ultra-Left, I doubt I’ll be going back anytime soon.

  12. zach. said


    whatever Rudy is, it’s a far cry from a totally open, uncontrolled border.

  13. Bob Miller said

    I’ll grant that Rudy’s latest slant on immigration is an improvement over his position on this as Mayor. As always, it’s hard to know which campaign positions are driven by a candidate’s beliefs and which by polling. We see their true directions more clearly after they’re in office.

    If nothing else, Rudy looks like the only one who will not take dictation from the Saudis.

  14. Ara said



  15. I’m impartial on Giuliani…I like the guy, but he’s not my first choice in candidates. If he won the primary though, I’d have no issues voting for him.

  16. Ara Rubyan said

    “Impartial?” I don’t think that word means what you think it means.

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