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Jim Moran, Jim Moran, who the heck do they think you am?

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 15, 2007

Extreme Mortman quotes Congressman Jim Moran, a sworn foe of AIPAC and not a friend of Israel in the Congress, and considers his words self-evident proof that Moran is an antisemite.  (Via Instapundit.)

I absolutely do not see it.  Sorry.  Edjumacate me.


9 Responses to “Jim Moran, Jim Moran, who the heck do they think you am?”

  1. Jack said

    Ron, I don’t mean to embarrass you on your own blog, but I really think you meant to say either “edjewmacate me”, or “adjewdicate me.”
    That’s just basic Hebonics.

    You might look into a spell checker, because every good wealthy and influential Jew should have a checker to make sure his spells and voodoo hexes are working right.

    Hope that helped.

    See ya next goat-slaughtering day.

  2. I distinctly heard you say “Jew”!

  3. Jack said

    It happens sometimes, if ya listen real carefully.

  4. Jonathan said

    Well, what Jew you know?

    Moran is a putz. But an anti-Jewish putz? I think that he is too crude to rate such fine distinctions.

  5. Bob Miller said

    If he speaks and votes against us, who cares what his theory might be?

  6. Are you serious, Bob?

    Calling someone an anti-semite is a huge step beyond “I hate his Israel policy.”

    Or do you think they are one and the same?

  7. Bob Miller said

    They are not the same, but, operationally, our response should be the same. Calling people antisemitic (even when they are) does not add much to solving the problem, and may even add to it.

  8. Bob Miller said

    (add to it, meaning add to the problem)

  9. Neddy said

    It is a “Hate Crime” in America to label a Democrat as an Anti-semite or as a Racist. Try “Moron” for Jim Moran, as there is no doubt about that label applying to him, and the Brown Shirts will not come around, as they know it too.

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