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Men without a country

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 10, 2007

What pathetic losers — ethnically Russian non-Jews, the children of phony “Law of Return” immigrants to Israel, arrested for Neo-Nazi violence. In Israel. Where they live and were brought up.

Ach! Der Fuhrer zez

Ve are der Master race

But ven der Judensvotogrovers kommen

Ve kover up dem face!

Their mock-Aryan bravado is quite betrayed by their cowardice in the light of day. But beyond this, they make a fine emblem of the emptiness of the modern political entity on which the philosophy of Zionism stands. Imported as non-Arab white meat, their sponsors (limiting themselves to the lifestyle comforts of 1.2 or so children per couple) considered the Slavic parents of these hooligans a fine demographic offset against the Palestinian population bomb. So enlighted that their own Jewishness means nothing to them, the Israeli elite of both right and left assumed it wouldn’t mean anything to these Gentiles, either, to be surrounded by Jews in a country that strove, after all, to be merely a Greece or southern France. Socialism, atheism, free love and all that Eurostyle stuff, just with Hora-dancing and more Nobel prize winners. As the old Levy’s Rye Bread advertisement says, to like that, “You don’t have to be Jewish,” they figured.


And, of course, these men will be convicted (is there some White Nazi country that will trade for their freedom, the way Hamas or Hizbullah Nazis kidnap Israeli soldiers to get back five or six hundred of their own Jew-haters?) because of their own 21st-century vanity — it’s all on video. Because these days, even racism isn’t really happening if you don’t get it on YouTube.

UPDATE: At least one of them is supposedly really Jewish. That doesn’t help. Obviously, it’s even worse, but not surprising, from a country that is contemptuous of its own heritage.


6 Responses to “Men without a country”

  1. zach. said

    how ironic that now they cover their faces.

    i didn’t realize the russian issue in israel was something actively encouraged by racial concerns. i only learned about it recently from an israeli acquaintance, who seemed to be telling me that the reason there are so many russian gentiles in israel is more because russia blew at the time (is it any better now?), and israeli officials didn’t want to get in the habit of forcing people to produce written documentation of their jewishness in the fear that doing so would cause true jews to be denied residency due to trivial issues such as clerical error. was she wrong? i am, to put it mildly, a nonexpert, so i’m asking the question honestly, in case that wasn’t clear.

  2. Not exactly. It’s true that Russia was a disaster at the time. But non-religious Israeli politicians, largely on the right but also on the left, saw major Russian immigration as a great “European” solution to the demographic time bomb of Arab population growth. (They were not too happy about the fact that, if one more generation could be waited out, orthodox Jewish population growth would probably do the trick — that kind of Jews they don’t like much better than Arabs.) They couldn’t care less if the immigrants were Jews or not, because Jewishness is, to them, an antique concept. They are Israelis, not Jews.

  3. zach. said

    in any case the ironies are certainly abounding in this story.

  4. Loz’em gain!! Remember Blazing Saddles? Throw them all out and let their own countries hang them!!!

  5. McKiernan said

    Isn’t the concept of Israel, is that it is a democracy but not necessarily a jewish one or that all of its citizens need be jewish ?

  6. The “concept” of Israel is that it is a “Jewish state.” This concept has never been realized; it is hard to imagine how it could in this world, at this time.

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