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Go team!

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 9, 2007

Glenn snarks, regarding the capitulationist left, “Defeat is not an option! Except, you know, in the war. Where it’s not just an option, but a goal.”

In other words, “Losing isn’t everything — it’s the only thing!”


One Response to “Go team!”

  1. Bob Miller said

    When we accuse the left of wanting to lose, we can lose sight of the fact that many of them consider the US, and not fanatical terrorists, to be their enemy.

    Remember the old 60’s-70’s radical cheer,

    “Ho, Ho, Ho Chi Minh, the NLF is gonna win!”

    Whoever used this cheer was OK with the idea of victory, that of their own side.

    Of course, our left’s own adopted team stands ready to chop their heads off down the road, but that’s not nearly enough to prompt some critical thought.

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