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“The new Bin Ladin video!”

Posted by Ron Coleman on September 6, 2007

Mediascape 2007: A world of total credulity.

UPDATE: People are catching on (via Insty).


3 Responses to ““The new Bin Ladin video!””

  1. mary said

    This one was better, but for some reason it didn’t get a lot of attention from the press..

  2. soccer dad said

    Weekend at Binnie’s 🙂

  3. jaymaster said

    My BS detector is flicking into “Probable BS” territory on this one. Its just too over the top.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Bush and Cheney and some high level intel guys are surfing the internets and exchanging occasional high fives over this one.

    I’d wager we’ve penetrated AQ’s inner sanctum and communications machine to the point where we can now have “Osama” proclaim anything we so desire. And the rest of the world gobbles it up like its Allah’s truth.

    I’ll go out on a limb and call lame duck shenanigans on this one.

    I hope I’m still around in 30 years when the facts are all declassified.

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