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Posted by Ron Coleman on August 30, 2007

The burning question in Tennessee: “Why are we eating more shrimp?”

Hm. What you mean, “we,” kemosabe?img00120.jpg

And here we are, Rosh Hashana less than two weeks away!


7 Responses to “Chutzpah!”

  1. Jack said

    The Lone Ranger eats shrimp?

    I’d a thought he was more a meat and potatoes man myself.
    you just never know about people nowadays.

  2. jaymaster said


    My favorite meal on this planet is a particular recipe for crab imperial, topped with a light grating of country ham.

    Twice a year, my wife and I make a 5 hour pilgrimage to a restaurant on the East shore of Maryland where, IMO, they have perfected this form of ambrosia.

    Now this isn’t a sin to me, and I can’t see how I would ever pay a price in eternity for enjoying such a meal here on Earth.

    But I think I understand why it’s different for you. I appreciate your choice as a demonstration of faith and commitment.

    Am I close?

  3. Close to what? I must tell you, I had a law professor — he was actually the dean — who could not believe that I did not have a burning desire for crab and shrimp.

    But I don’t. So I don’t get any special spiritual reward for giving them up (I wasn’t “born this way”) because there is no test at all for me in refraining from them. Indeed shellfish strike me as large bugs which, phylum-wise, they pretty much are.

    Since you axed.

  4. Jack said

    “Since you axed.”

    I don’t know, I thought he was kinda polite.
    Didn’t look like to me he came out swinging.

  5. They really do look like giant bugs. Giant delicious bugs…

    For living in a seaside town, I must say that I have not been one of these individuals eating more shrimp.

  6. jan said

    I’m with you on this one Ron, I can’t stand shellfish of any kind. People look at me weird all the time. “What, you don’t like lobster?!?!” I always ask people if they’d eat vulture or hyena — same ecological function, different location.

  7. LOL!

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