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Liberty for libertines

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 28, 2007

Chicago Boyz :

I honestly cannot think of a single non-sexual area in which the contemporary Left advocates letting individuals decide what or what not to do.

A good discussion ensues there.


One Response to “Liberty for libertines”

  1. jaymaster said

    I’m libertarian myself, although I think the Libertarian Party is a joke. So when I cast my vote, I always look back and try to gauge which party. R or D, has taken away more of my (and others) rights.

    And for the past 20 years at least, the Dems win (or lose) that one hands down.

    Yes, some things the Republicans say scares the crap out of me. But they have acted on maybe 5% of what they have threatened. And I thank the “small government” faction for keeping that in check. Maybe the libertarian wing has had some influence, like when it comes to guns, but I think we’re kind of looked at as odd birds overall.

    But the Dems? Oy vey, they have stomped all over me. I think bout them every time I worry that my 3rd beer of the night might put me over the 0.08% limit, while the 0.2% + hard core drunk next to me doesn’t seem to care how many drinks he has before he gets behind the wheel.

    And I think of them when I flush my “water saving” toilet three times in a row to get it to work properly. While I’m looking out at the 3 feet of mosquito infested water that’s flooding my back yard and running over the driveway, because I’m not permitted to take a shovel and dig a channel to drain it.

    Oppressive, and stupid.

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