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Posted by Ron Coleman on August 28, 2007

Senator Larry Craig is in a world of trouble, as you’ve doubtless heard by now. If the allegations against him are true, then — putting aside the moral issue of his behavior itself — he has a problem on the marital fidelity front… hypocrisy as to his political stands on moral issues involving this proclivity… and immensely bad judgment on several fronts.

In short, he’s smelling a lot like toast right now.

I found this bit in the Washington Post interesting. They’re sort of fleshing his background and, without saying so, trying to establish what his real predilections are. For example, he’s been accused of this sort of thing before, though without any proof; he denied it, of course. Then there’s this:

Craig was a member of the “Singing Senators,” a now-defunct Republican barbershop quartet. It included Sen. Trent Lott (Miss.) and then-Sen. John D. Ashcroft (Mo.), who broke up the group when he was named attorney general.

Yeah? And? I mean, of all the things you could put into a story about his background, in this context — he sang in a barbershop quarter? What are they getting at?

UPDATE: These pictures — supposedly taken at the time of the arrest — are from Drudge:



They depict a man trying to simulate stoicism. In fact, it is clear that these are pictures of a man who knows his world is crashing down all around him. And it is very, very sad.


5 Responses to “Choirboy?”

  1. Ara Rubyan said

    Er, something about shaving cream…?

  2. Ara Rubyan said

    OK, seriously: the singing group was the only thing that people could remember about Craig. Other than that, he’s had a relatively undistinguished career in the Senate.

  3. Mckiernan said

    What are they getting at ?

    Could it be:

    Don’t ask,
    Don’t tell, and
    Don’t sing


  4. Jack said

    Well, I don’t know about being stoic, but I’m pretty sure I believe when he say’s he’s not particularly gay right now.

  5. Ara said

    Why Larry Craig reminds me of Roy Cohn.

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