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TNR’s surge

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 20, 2007

How tawdry the Beauchamp story got at The New Republic! I’ve weighed in on their motivation already. Now they are hunkering down, circling wagons. The first order of business , described by Pajamas Media (in a piece linked to not only by PM biggie Glenn Reynolds, but even Matt Drudge — is that a first?), was finding and locating the mole within, former assistant Robert McGee:

Shortly after 7 AM on Thursday, July 26, McGee got a short phone call from The New Republic’s publisher. The magazine staff had tracked his anonymous web postings to his work station near the publisher’s office. Her message was short: “Your services were no longer needed.”

The magazine was at least as consumed by finding the whistle-blower (McGee) than in presenting a full accounting to its readers.

That’s not particularly surprising. No organization wants to be second-guessed by an insider who is no longer loyal, regardless of his idealism.

McGee has been out since college—and noted that few on the Right had raised any issues about his interest in men. He sometimes openly mentioned it on posts on Little Green Footballs. “No one ever made a big deal out of it,” he says, until the Huffington Post did. Then the stomach turning part, the now-inevitable personal attack — and, once again, some of the same people who decry disagreement on same-sex marriage as Nazism use their victim’s homosexuality as a weapon against him (NSFW), but McGee was already public about his predilections and the attack against him only demonstrated the left’s hypocrisy.

Here’s where I get exercised, however:

Still, McGee isn’t bitter. He thinks he did the right thing and has plenty of good references from prior temp jobs to get a new gig. His interview with was his first and his last. He just got a cease-and-desist letter from The New Republic; he won’t be doing any more interviews.

Oh, please! What legal sanction could they possibly be threatening him with? I would love to see that letter.

But, what a sordid exercise.


2 Responses to “TNR’s surge”

  1. jaymaster said

    I don’t know why such things still surprise me. But I am shocked that this story is described by many as nothing more than a “well orchestrated smear attempt by the right wing media machine”.

    Wow. Some of these people need help…..

  2. Bob Miller said

    I get it. The left wing media machine can lie, but the right wing media machine can’t respond.

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