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Putin keeps pushing

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 17, 2007

politburo.jpgBaby Stalin has ordered the resumption of long-range nuclear bomber patrols by the USSR Russia, basically because for a change there’s enough money in the kitty that he can, and because it makes him and his subjects feel mighty that they do.

Are those the only reasons? Well, he says no, of course not:

“Starting in 1992, the Russian Federation unilaterally suspended strategic aviation flights to remote areas,” Putin said. “Regrettably, other nations haven’t followed our example. That has created certain problems for Russia’s security.”

Security problems since 1992 — 15 years — sounds pretty severe. What happened then? Did Amurka bomb Russia back to the stone age? Did we ring Russia with missiles? Did we send troop across the Bering Strait? Someone find me a link!

Meanwhile, I’m awaiting condemnation of Putin’s brinksmanship from the Union of Concerned Scientists.


2 Responses to “Putin keeps pushing”

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