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Welcome back to the ABA Journal

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 15, 2007

How interesting.  We’ve been indexed, or sumpin’, by the ABA Journal‘s online “blawg” (law blog) listings.  Why “welcome back”?  Because I used to be a freelance feature writer for the ABA Journal.  (I’m actually not an ABA member.)

I didn’t know Likelihood of Success was a “blawg” just because I’m a lawyer.  It’s just the same as how I didn’t know this was a “Jewish blog” just because I’m a, you know — a lawyer.

But most of all:  I have a real “blawg” right here — and it gets an order of magnitude more traffic than this blog does!  (It’s not listed on their “trademark blog” listingMarty Schwimmer isn’t even listed, nor is John Welch.  I’m prejudiced, but I think those are the leaders in the field.  So, you know — for all that’s worth.)  Can’t win for, er, winning.


7 Responses to “Welcome back to the ABA Journal”

  1. Jack. said

    You’re a Jewish lawyer?

    What are the odds a’that?

    I guess if you’re on the internet long enough you’re bound to see just about everything!

  2. Jack. said

    Oh, and congratulations on being enABAled.
    Chicks dig that kinda thang.

  3. Yeah, but when you add in the glasses, Jack — I mean, talk about crazy!

  4. Jack. said

    “Yeah, but when you add in the glasses, Jack — I mean, talk about crazy!”

    Yeah, a little champagne goes a long way, I’ll grant ya that.

    Then again so does a six pack a Coors if you can get her to drink it all at one sitting.
    Speaking of which I’m gonna see how much the wife can hold tonight.

    Take it easy blawg man.

    And get back to work.
    Nobody’s paying you just to look good.

  5. Whoa whoa whoa…

    You’re a lawyer. Pshhh…I’m out.

  6. We’ve noted your post and updated our existing listings of Likelihood of Confusion and The Trademark Blog to put them in the trademark category (trouble was, those blawg listings were entered before we added the trademark category) and we’ve created a listing for The TTABlog and put it in our trademark category. Blog posts get results. Thanks!

  7. Wow. That’s not my grampa’s ABA Journal!

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