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Posted by Ron Coleman on August 15, 2007

Let’s not take anything for granted, okay: Does anyone do it better (almost every day) than James Taranto? Just today:

In order to win her case, Vaughn would at least have to convince a jury that one could reasonably construe the comment as a factual claim.

This depends on context, and Imus has a strong defense inasmuch as he is a jerk. That is, his shock-jock idiom is heavy with insults, which, although obnoxious, have little if any factual content. The damage that Imus’s own reputation suffered as a result of the Rutgers episode–damage that, we hasten to add, he fully deserved–further diminishes the likelihood that anyone mistook his statement for a fact.


Pelosi rejects the notion that she must be careful where she treads. “There aren’t enough days in the month to go to all the districts I’m invited to,” she said in New Hampshire.

Which means, this being August, that she has been invited to at least 32 of the nation’s 435 congressional districts.


I am the one who convinced him that it would be a great idea to put him in a dress, soften him up, and help him get the gay vote,” Cuker says. “And, ultimately, it was his biggest bonus, because he got the gay vote–and the conservatives…. It was a home run for him, and he got national attention. It showed that he had a sense of humor.”

And, as we noted above, Giuliani carried Queens by a wide margin.

Taranto does what no one else does, and very well, by quite a wide margin.


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