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Star turn

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 14, 2007

Der Spiegel reports on the thing everyone in Europe — and on the coasts of this continent — wants to ignore:  Success in Iraq.

Now, look.  What’s the purpose of having a blog if I’m going to just link to the same things Instapundit does?  Well, a few thoughts:

  1. He doesn’t have a comments section (can you just imagine?!) .  So there’s nowhere else to riff on these things.
  2. Glenn gets tons of great links from all over.  More than he can even use.  But the ones he does use, well, they’re not used up.
  3. Maybe some people actually do read this blog and don’t read Instapundit.                               Well, it’s not completely impossible!
  4. I have friends here who like to discuss these things, and whether or not they read Instapundit, some of them — like Ara Rubyan — have had a lot to say about the conclusive failure of the Iraq policy and the impossibility of it ever getting anything but worse.  And I’d like to hear from them.

Is that good enough?


5 Responses to “Star turn”

  1. Barrette said

    “Maybe some people actually do read this blog and don’t read Instapundit. Well, it’s not completely impossible!”

    I am living proof of the truth of this statement. No instapundit here.

  2. I don’t read instuapundit. As soon as I realized he was uncritically regurgitating administration pronouncements, I stopped giving him my eyeballs.

  3. Well, I’m glad you still like me. I think Instapundit is the keenest. Except when he spends a week writing about knives.

  4. I should think he would only write about sharp knives, if he is going to tackle the subject at all…

    That may be my first actual pun in all of my time blogging…

  5. What’s instapundit?


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