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Dueling peaces

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 13, 2007

Michelle Malkin has an interview with my friend Robert Spencer about his new book, provocatively titled (to say the least) Religion of Peace: Why Christianity is and Islam Isn’t.

Yes, that is pretty provocative. From what I gather, the thesis is that the theology of Christianity, as opposed to the actions of its (long ago, mainly) adherents, is fundamentally not only unwarlike, but downright peaceful.

But is turning the other cheek really so “peaceful”? I wonder if he factors in the pacifistic — and, hence, violence- and war-encouraging — aspects of modern day Christianity? I believe pacificism is amoral; peacefulness to a fault. But I think I’ll take it over either Crusaders or Jihadists.


One Response to “Dueling peaces”

  1. Barrette said

    Pacifism is in many respects IMmoral rather than amoral. Refusing to use violence to defend another in need is a rejection of your responsibility to care for your fellow man.

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