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Failing upward

Posted by Ron Coleman on August 6, 2007

So these masters of the universe — the “private equity” boys — take over Chrysler, and what do they do? They hire the guy who blew it at Home Depot to run the company.

I find this comforting, because from time to time I am disappointed with certain aspects of my professional career.  Then I realize what a huge racket it is.  That doesn’t mean there aren’t, usually, rewards for excellence, and penalties for lackluster performance.  But at a certain point, it’s pretty clear that nothing really matters and to a large extent the goodies really are doled out — contrary to what we were taught in the Economics Department at college — arbitrarily, or worse.

So be it.  Maybe it’s not really, so much, “me” after all.  That doesn’t excuse one from making the effort, but it provides a little comfort.  Unless, that is, you own Chrysler stock.


One Response to “Failing upward”

  1. I’ve never bought a Chrysler, and don’t plan to.
    Hiring this guy – that overbuilt Home Depot and instituted lousy customer service – will guarantee that I won’t have to change my opinion about Chrysler anytime soon.

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