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All you need to know about Ted Stevens

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 31, 2007

Three headline links on DRUDGE REPORT: It’s the third one that’s the charm.

  1. FBI, IRS Search Home of Sen. Ted Stevens…
  2. …links with an oil-services company
  3. Longest-serving Republican senator…

Absolute seniority corrupts absolutely. Term limits, now.


5 Responses to “All you need to know about Ted Stevens”

  1. FIAR said

    I’m for the best term limits of all – the ones imposed by the voter. I don’t mean the way the system works now, I favor removing anyone who’s served more than 2 terms from office, regardless of performance or party affiliation.

  2. Yeah, but you know the deal — everyone wants everyone else‘s guy removed, but not their own. Seniority is its own reward, both for the elected and the electors.

  3. Bill Dooley said

    When the ancient Britons tired of their leaders, they’d strangle them and toss the bodies in a bog. With the Potomac so handy in D.C., maybe we’re overlooking an obvious solution. We’d need a dedicated one way road for efficiency.

  4. Bill, you’d — you’d make the drivers go in with them as well? How exactly does that work?

  5. FIAR said

    The strangling part just made me grin 🙂

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