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The FBI’s frame-up

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 27, 2007

Instapundit reports on this awful story about the FBI framing these four guys — just plain framing them — and their spending decades in prison. They were awarded over $100 million in damages this week. “Quite a stain on the honor of the FBI,” writes Glenn Reynolds.

Well, I guess. It was, though, 1965, which is probably before the average employee of the FBI was even born, or pretty close. Why, Glenn himself was only five at the time — I’m sure he wouldn’t want some of the awful things, by today’s standards, that were done in the name of Instapundit during that first Johnson Administration held against him today! In fact, that’s right still well in the middle of the J. Edgar Hoover era, and I think the bloom has been off that rose for quite some time.  Plus, hey, they’re working on marketing, at least around here.

No, I think the FBI’s honor has a long way to go, stain-wise, before it can compete with the CIA‘s.


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