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Microsoft not in the clouds

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 27, 2007

Microsoft doesn’t believe the world is ready for an ethereal computing environment:

“We’re not moving toward a world of thin computing,” said Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief executive, referring to systems in which simple processing takes place on a PC, but more complex processing is moved to a centralized computer through a network connection. “We’re moving toward a world of software plus services.” . . .

He rejected the notion that in the future all software would be based in what computer industry executives refer to as “the cloud” — computer hardware and software reachable over the Internet. “People tend to get weird and extreme about this,” Mr. Ballmer said. “Does everything move to the cloud? I think that is wrong-minded.”

I guess you had to be there to see why the thinks that. Or maybe it’s just that the rest of us are “in the cloud.” As the Times article reports (yes, when not reporting on politics the Times is usually great), “The strategy did not immediately ignite enthusiasm among the more than 100 financial analysts who follow the company. Microsoft’s stock fell 73 cents Thursday, or 2.38 percent, to $29.98.”

Microsoft has a tendency to be wrong and then have to buy its way out of holes. Why is this time different?

Incidentally, here’s a tidbit to take into your weekend — a good ice-breaker:

The company expects a billion Windows-based computers — including those running pirated copies — within the next 12 months. At that point, personal computers will outnumber automobiles worldwide.

No wonder Ballmer is hoping computing stays on terra firma.


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