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Al can’t get past Rudy

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 26, 2007

I’m not sure what it is about Rudy Giuliani — his relative weakness on social conservative issues?; his personal peccadilloes?; the old comb-over? — that drives my friend Al the Pundit so bananas.  Maybe, like a lot of people, Allah has had a bad experience with a prosecutor.   But Allah just plain has it in for Rudy Giuliani, the official candidate of (social conservative) Likelihood of Success. and the candidate most likely to succeed — Fred Thompson fantasies notwithstanding — against whomever the Democrats cough up in November.

Allah goes with a fine-toothed comb through some fairly generic remarks by Giuliani about the opposition, and calls Rudy out as a “demagogue.”  But you can do this with any politician’s speeches.  I am not conceding the facts; I imagine Rudy could defend himself quite well, as some have done in the comments to the Hot Air post. But these are broad, puffy statements about the other side. To call this “demagoguery” is bordering on the ironic. What gives?

I wonder if Allah will apply the same standard to the GOP’s own candidate in the general election. He’s entitled to, and we all like a square dealer (I like Allah in general, in fact) who isn’t just a party chump. But I can’t say Allah has been all that square on the topic of Rudy Giuliani, because he hasn’t. He can’t stand the guy, and at this point, I’m not so sure he’s got anything particularly useful to add on the topic.  And that’s a shame, considering how good a blogger he is.  It’s a shame for Rudy, that’s for sure, but will others among us also regret it?

UPDATE: Are you “all the way” conservatives quite so sure Fred is the All Being you think he is? Because he’s not.


9 Responses to “Al can’t get past Rudy”

  1. Maybe Allah ran one of those classy strip bars that Rudy drove out of town.

  2. Is too.

  3. Says you.

  4. Jonathan said

    All of the Republican candidates are flawed. Giuliani’s abusive prosecutions of Wall Street traders, his authoritarian streak as mayor and his personal nastiness indicate major character flaws, IMO. Thompson talks a great game, but his limited record in public office, and his support for McCain-Feingold, suggest that at least some of his principled talk is an act. Romney may or may not be a phony conservative. Any of these guys is probably a lot better than any of the Democratic candidates, and I’ll vote for whoever the Republican candidate is.

  5. I don’t get the “authoritarian streak as mayor,” Jonathan. I don’t think he was any more authoritarian than anyone else who ever tried to get anything done, and after David Dinkins, believe me (I was there), all but the loosest of lefties was dying for the feel of a firm hand on the tiller.

  6. Jonathan said

    I have in mind in particular the confiscation of automobiles from people arrested for DUI, whether or not they were convicted and whether or not they owned the cars they were driving when they were caught.

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  8. Anonymous said

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  9. Abeplieli said

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