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Chickens, roosting and all that jazz

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 24, 2007

Ward Churchill has been canned because, according to the University of Colorado, his academic work was riddled with fraud. By all indications, no one cared until he compared the victims of 9/11 to Adolf Eichmann; but that fact should hardly insulate him for the academic crimes he did commit. Nor does that obvious statement mean his lawyer will not say the exact opposite, blaming The Man and his Oppression for dislodging his crooked mediocrity of a client.
And a perfect lawyer he is: We’re talking about one ACLU Special, David Lane (no, not this David Lane). Lane already threatened litigation over this slow-motion firing, which is hardly a surprise. For all his rhetoric, Lane — in interview after statement — resolutely avoids doing one minor thing: Actually rebutting the academic fraud charges in any way. Having neither the facts nor the law on his side, he will burden the taxpayers of Colorado by putting on a show of striking the table that will never end. Meanwhile, Churchill is probably set for life lecturing on the Moonbat Circuit.

Which, of course, raises a thought: As of tonight, there are no reports that Churchill, or his lawyer, had been dragged off to a concentration camp, subjected to torture or simply put down with a bullet to the neck. Based on that, Churchill’s glee that 3,000 “Little Eichmanns” were killed on 9/11 must be redoubled with his realization that that was all the Eichmanns there were. Incredible coincidence.

UPDATE:   More, much more, from NRO (via Glenn).


7 Responses to “Chickens, roosting and all that jazz”

  1. truthteller said

    Sad isn’t it the reasons that some on the fringe of our culture gain credibility and hero status with some deluded souls. I have written about Churchill on more than one occasion and could not agree more with the net effect of all this.


  2. Ara said

    “some on the fringe of our culture gain credibility and hero status” …?

    Honest to goodness, I had never EVER heard of Ward Churchill until I read about him on the righty blogs. Sounds like a total jerk.

    Churchill, I mean.

  3. Regrettably, though, Ara, he has his following and is quite set for life.

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    Wonder if he’s ever met Scooter Libby. I bet they’d have a lot to discuss.

    Or not.

  5. Well, you get back to us when you decide exactly which point you want to make, Ara.

    Or not.

  6. YM said

    I didn’t understand the last part about the only 3,000 little eichmans.

  7. See here.

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