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How confident are the Democrats?

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 10, 2007

This confident:

For the first time the leading candidates for the presidency will hold a televised debate devoted solely to LGBT issues.

No, not a sandwich; that means, for those of you in flyover country, unconventional private behavior as galvanizing political persuasion.  Just not in that order.  Of course.

And yes, flyover country — you, they don’t need.  Or, rather, you they believe are theirs regardless.  Regardless because you are so anti-Republican, or because Brink Lindsey is right?

Either way, I think they’re both miscalculations, both premature extrapolations of trends that may not be what people think they are.  And I pray that wrong, indeed, is what they are.


3 Responses to “How confident are the Democrats?”

  1. On the Brink of hysteria

    In the hysterical sense. And in the Brink sense.

    Glenn Reynolds links to th…

  2. Even when it looks like the Democrats are being handed an election, they find a way to overstep their credibility.

  3. Not so fast there, Ali!

    A little wishful thinking will only take you so far. And boy, are the Democrats wishing Rudy would just go away!

    But there are holes in their strategy… and in their

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