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Die, pig.

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 10, 2007

Some people are so bad even an American jury in the 21st century — even one in Los Angeles, for heaven’s sake — will demand actual justice. Chester Turner is one of those. Don’t read further if you’re squeamish in the crime and punishment department:

He was convicted April 30 of 10 counts of first-degree murder, plus one count of second-degree murder for the death of one victim’s fetus. That victim, Regina Washington, 27, was 6 1/2 months pregnant when Turner strangled her with an electrical cord behind a vacant house in September 1989.Another victim was found slumped over a portable toilet, and one woman was found in front of a crack house.

Turner was already serving an eight-year prison sentence for the 2002 rape of a woman on Skid Row when his DNA linked him to the 10 killings, carried out between 1987 and 1998.

Jurors also agreed with the special circumstance allegations that Turner committed multiple murders and that one of the victims — 38-year-old Paula Vance, killed in downtown Los Angeles on Feb. 3, 1998 — was murdered during the commission of a rape.

I’m stunned less by his crimes but that a coastal jury would actually follow through with a capital verdict and a trial judge would agree.

But don’t worry, Chester. California’s appellate judges are full of surprises.


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