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Girly-men of Islam

Posted by Ron Coleman on July 4, 2007

Pakistani cleric captured under burqa. No, it’s not like that. He was alone.

Well, he wasn’t alone in the sense of being original.  More, here.


2 Responses to “Girly-men of Islam”

  1. Joe American said

    Islam Sucks.

    This is true.

    Islam is the most primitive barbaric and cruel religion on the face of the earth.

    Islam is the religion of child molesters and criminals.

    Islam SUCKS!

    Say it loud.

    Admit it.

    Islam SUCKS.

    This is a scientific and historical fact.

    Islam is the most UNCOOL religion ever.

    911- we will never forget.

    Islam SUCKS!

  2. kadheeja said

    u all r wrong…….
    islam is the best religion….
    just check out ur bible it says about the belivers…..
    thats us muslims ……
    and y hav mary to wear a vaile? she would have worn a mini skirt instead?
    on the day of judgement ull feel sory 4 what u have said

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