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This can’t help

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 12, 2007

Three National Guardsmen assigned to the Texas-Mexico border were accused of running an immigrant smuggling ring after 24 immigrants were found inside a van that one of them was driving, a U.S. attorney said Monday.The three, arrested late Thursday and Friday, were arraigned Monday on a federal charge of conspiring to transport illegal immigrants.

If we weren’t just totally cynical at this point, the disgustingness of this would be breathtaking. But their cynicism must be a product of that of their employer, who has made enforcement of the immigration laws an international joke and the efforts of the troops on the border nothing more than window dressing.

Having said that, I certainly would like to see the proverbial book tossed right upside their respective heads.


2 Responses to “This can’t help”

  1. Bob Miller said

    Deport these guardsmen along with their passengers.

  2. hydralisk said

    Seriously. Lock them up in a truck with autopilot control and send it over the border.

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