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Look in the mirror

Posted by Ron Coleman on June 8, 2007



The ABC News/Washington Post poll found that among all Americans, only 29 percent approve of the way Bush is handling the immigration issue. That’s the lowest Bush has ever been on the issue in the survey.

Note, too, that overall approval ratings of the Democratic majority in Congress are even lower than those of the president.

Clearly, most Americans don’t approve of promise breakers.

But that’s what we keep getting.

Glenn makes it sound like catching a cold or receiving an unwelcome birthday gift. We’re not “getting” them. We’re re-electing them.

There won’t be change until we demand it, and until we, the governed and the enablers, lose our appetite for what these promise breakers cut us in on while they’re at the trough.


6 Responses to “Look in the mirror”

  1. Bob Miller said

    Ron said, “There won’t be change until we demand it…”

    Out with the old bums and in with the new.

  2. Ara Rubyan said

    “We’re re-electing them.”

    Don’t blame me. I voted for Kerry.

  3. And your congressman and senator, Ara? (By the way, sounds like you voted for one of “them” for President, too.)

  4. Ara Rubyan said

    Funny thing about those “Congressional approval ratings…” They compare an aggregate body with a single individual. Not much use in that kind of data. Especially when you consider that most surveys that ask for the approval rating of an individual Senator or Congressman almost always yield approval ratings that are higher than that of the entire collective.

    In other words, I love my Congressman just fine — it’s your congressman that’s a jerk.


    Shabbat Shalom.

    P.S. I think the record will show that there isn’t a single state Governor, US Senator and/or precious few Congressmen with lower approval ratings than President Bush.

  5. Because “my” Congressman steals from everyone else to send money to my District. Great system, since you only vote for one. Perhaps it’s time to look at a list system?

    P.S. What’s your point? What does it have to do with this posting? Are there any topics that are not about George Bush in your mind, Ara?

  6. Ara Rubyan said

    Instapundit’s point was about Bush and his “more favorable” approval rating than (the entire) Congress. I happen to believe that’s a flawed perception for the reasons I outlined.

    That’s fair game isn’t it?

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