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The rosetta stone of liberalism

Posted by Ron Coleman on May 21, 2007

Do intellectuals simply not understand brutes?

Of course we they don’t. Brutes can hardly ever figure out how to get all the way up that ivory tower, what with the curvy staircase and all. (Trigonometry, right?) The only way most intellectuals ever “get it” is when we they go downstairs for a soda pop and get mugged by reality out on terra firma.

The lucky ones live to maybe think a little and write about it, if they have the nerve. Not because they’re afraid of the brutes outside. Now they have to be afraid of the ones back inside the tower, with the pinz nezes.


3 Responses to “The rosetta stone of liberalism”

  1. FIAR said

    We should just beat the stupidity out of the intellectuals. Then they might learn.

  2. It doesn’t always work.

  3. Bob Miller said

    Some intellectuals are thugs themselves.

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