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Jessica Lynch’s prison memoirs

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 25, 2007

Debbie Schlussel argues that Jessica Lynch, happy recipient of the Bronze Star for her dubious heroism in the Iraq War and now happy puppet of the Senate Arms Services Committee, is a prisoner of nothing but her own ego and ambition.


2 Responses to “Jessica Lynch’s prison memoirs”

  1. Barrette said

    She didn’t really have a choice here. What was she going to do, ignore a Congressional request (subpoena even?) to testify? I don’t really have a problem with her role in this Congressional show trial. We can expect many more of these over the next 18 months.

    To all those Republicans who chose to sit out the last election, show trials like this are what you have wrought.

    She looks pretty good with her new haircut though.

  2. I wonder if she’ll give the Bronze star back?

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