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Stupid does hurt

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 13, 2007

WNBC TV in New York reports:

New Jersey Gov. Jon S. Corzine apparently wasn’t wearing a seat belt during a crash that left him in critical condition, a spokesman said Friday.

My dad used to marvel how someone as “smart” as I was could be so “stupid.” He had no idea.

UPDATE: Read this, too.


5 Responses to “Stupid does hurt”

  1. Gwedd said


    You’d think he would’ve learned from Princess’ Di’s example. Oh well. Corzine may be intelligent, but he’s definately not smart.


  2. craig mclaughlin said

    From the linked post: “…he’s acted recklessly and put the welfare of his state at pointless risk.” Really, how so? I know nothing of New Jersey (except what I read in Harlan Coben’s novels) but is the state really in such parlous straits? I don’t wish anything bad on the governor, but I’m betting that folks in Jersey can bump along just fine without him on the job. Might even be an improvement.

  3. I am not a fan but of course what happened to him is really awful. Still I agree with the quote — when you’re the Governor, you do have a higher level of responsibility to take care of yourself. Goodness knows Corzine knows how to “take care of” people (and himself!) when he wants to.

  4. craig mclaughlin said

    Now I learn that Corzine’s SUV was being driven by a New Jersey State Trooper at 91 mph. “when you’re the Governor, you do have a higher level of responsibility to take care of yourself.” I’ll concede that point and add that you have an even greater duty not to violate the law and recklessly endanger yourself and, more importantly, others. If I’d been at the wheel once I got out of the Hospital I’d have a hella big fine to pay, beaucoup community service and maybe a little crossbar motel time. Plus, not even Chubb would insure me. Let’s see what happens to Jon.

  5. I thought the same thing. It is really just about arrogance of world class.

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