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Does this gene make me look fat?

Posted by Ron Coleman on April 12, 2007

England’s TimesOnline:

A gene that contributes to obesity has been identified for the first time, promising tofeeding-gargantua.jpg explain why some people easily put on weight while others with similar lifestyles stay slim.

That is the blog item. The pun in the headline — there is no more commentary, except please tell me when the gene therapy is covered by my insurance.


9 Responses to “Does this gene make me look fat?”

  1. craig mclaughlin said

    If Chubb won’t cover you, you’re out of luck.

  2. If they do, are you a Chubbee?

  3. craig mclaughlin said

    Yes. And check the headlines at I think they’ve violated your copyright!

  4. Date stamp?!

  5. Kevin D. said

    I wonder, if a ‘gay gene’ is found, as so many homosexual advocates are praying for, will we treat it with gene therapy too? I mean, so many of them scream and protest, “Why would we choose to be like this?” Now we can treat it like a genetic defect and get homosexuals the medical attention they need.

    Heh, I wonder how well that will go over?

  6. Are you saying homosexuals have too much fat in their diets?

  7. Kevin D. said

    That’s exactly what I’m saying. Yes.

  8. Dean Esmay said

    All the gene means is that you get fat more easily and you have more trouble than others getting rid of it.

    But we’ve known clinically that this is true for many, many years now. Nothing I’ve said about it is even controversial among obesity researchers. Having the predisposition doesn’t guarantee you’ll get fat, nor does it mean you can do absolutely nothing about it. But it does mean once you pass a certain point it’s virtually impossible to go back to where you were.

  9. Gwedd said


    Once again, though, this has the potential to bode ill for humanity. It’s just another small but firm step on the road to designer babies.

    Once we reach that step, it’s just another small step to the government mandating DNA screening and forced abortions for the non-aryan, er, those with certain genes that may pre-dispose them to certain diseases or deformations.

    I detest ALL forms of DNA research. Maybe I’m a bio-luddite to a certain degree, but I firmly believe there are areas where we MUST not go, ere we place what it means to be human in abject peril.


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