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That settles it

Posted by Ron Coleman on March 2, 2007

Weekend at Osama'sTaliban Official: Bin Laden Is Alive.

I wasn’t buying it when they were showing OBL’s vacation videos during the year after 9/11, which everyone — everyone but the CIA, whose opinion is also entirely counter-indicative of the actual truth — knew had been taken in Tora Bora before it was leveled, if not earlier. I wasn’t buying it in the last year when they haven’t even dragged out the latest 8-track of his supposed voice, which itself was absurd: If he were alive, you know they’d put him on the screen.

Just the whole thing is preposterous. (My word of the year, sorry.) But now that they’ve come out and announced the contrary, short of his head in a basket — which, really, who among us really wants any part of? — I can’t imagine what else you’d want.

UPDATE: I have never felt so sure of myself on something like this!

UP-UP-UPDATE: Dead men tell no tales.


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  1. Osama is so dead

    This latest attempt at “Weekend at Osama’s” only makes it more convincing th…

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